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  Must-see!Experts teach you how science home fitness, disease prevention! Universal war "plague", the New Year at home.Some of this special Chinese New Year holiday, I believe many people than usual "corpuscles" a lot.Did not go pro series Friends, parties slapstick, replaced by a house at home "on hold".Over the past few days, there will be many "restless elements" could scarcely keep.In fact, home is also active together, not only interesting, but also exercise, disease prevention!Home epidemic: 2 to 4 not to the current epidemic, talking about sports, whether at home or outdoors, people first thought, of course, is to enhance the immune system through exercise or diet.In fact, the concept of "crash course, unhappy also light" on the topic enhance immunity, simply does not work."Whether it is sports or nutrition, for a short time to improve or enhance immunity are slim."State General Administration of Sport Research Institute researcher Zhang Li told reporters.The National Physical Fitness Monitoring and Research Center Wang Huan also expressed the same problem a similar view: "In fact, none of sport in particular can improve the immune system, no matter what kind of exercise, moderate amount, long-term adherence, in order to have immunity greatly improved."Avoid high-intensity exercise.Data Figure: The photo shows an athlete strength training in the gym.China news agency reporters Hou Yushe and Zhe Bingbu mean that we do nothing.One can by some "selective" to ensure that immunity will not fall."After the occasional high-intensity exercise, the immune system will temporarily fall short.This time is often likely to be infected with a pathogen.So in the current period, high intensity, intense exercise should be avoided."Zhang Li first emphasized this concept to WASHINGTON reporter.Wang Huan also reminded: "If you usually do not particularly love animals, anxious to improve the immune system to perform high-intensity exercise, actually decreases immunity."So, at this particular moment, try not to carry out high-intensity strenuous exercise.Do heavy drinking.Data Figure: Wang Zhang Li also proposed move taken: coincides with the Chinese New Year holiday, not a lot of drinking, not eating too much fat content of foods, do not eat spicy food.These are the bodys immune system to maintain normal is to be noted.Heavy drinking is likely to cause a temporary decline in the inhibition of the immune system, some of the alcohol on the immune system and even up to 24 hours.Excessive intake of fat foods can cause elevated blood lipids, affecting blood circulation, it will also cause a temporary decline in body resistance.In addition, spicy food intake can cause blood vessels to dilate, allowing bacteria to humans outside world, more sensitive virus, human epidermal relatively immune system will weaken, so take advantage of infectious diseases.Eat high oil spicy food.Data for: spicy hot pot.In addition to these Zhoujia She should not do, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, is stay home, which is simple and feasible way.Eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables can reduce the body burden, to ensure the normal immunity.Drink plenty of water "can increase metabolism, especially the speed of blood circulation, increasing the efficiency of transport and discharge of nutrients the body of waste.If the water shortage, cardiovascular burden will be heavy, will fall immunity.So drink plenty of water. ".Home exercise: local conditions, parent-child interaction Having said that, in the home New Year Spring Festival, the movement is still very necessary, but also very particular about."Aerobic exercise is good for lifting immunity, can improve heart and lung function, have a positive influence on the immune system.And some strength training can activate muscles, increase resting metabolism, so good for weight control."Zhang Li also stressed the importance of moving to reporters.Home fitness method also can take the stairs.But he also pointed out that home exercise, subject to space and a variety of factors, should be adapted to local conditions."I have such a neighbor, stair climbing exercise.But older, he climbed to the 10th floor from the first floor, then took the elevator downstairs, to avoid the impact on the knee."For such a situation, a senior sports training expert Yan Qiti a specific exercise program.If the home is not much space for you to "play", it is recommended to do something to be able to stimulate the large joint, multi-muscle groups of the whole training.Such as: squat, lunge, squat and push-ups.If space permits, you can do some cardio circulatory system can enhance exercise."Place to run, standing leg lift run, high leg lift, Bobby jump, the amplitude of these movements slightly larger, but more to stimulate the cardiovascular system, so that blood circulation to further accelerate and enhance the exchange of outside air, to enhance their resistance."Push-ups, squats, planks, etc. can stimulate the large joint, multi-muscle groups of the whole exercise training is effective in case space is limited.Qi Yan also specifically asked if there are children at home, parents with children can be together, do some exercise interactive classes, both exercise, but also enhance the parent-child relationship.He also introduced several simple and feasible method of interaction: 1.Tablet support: "the case of parents with children do face to face flat support, to ensure the stability of the body, parenting right hand clap (two people are out right across the clap), then back to the original position and then hold, then the left hand clapping.For example, do a set of 10, so that parents or count together, safe and effective." 2.Squat clap: "Parents and children while doing squat exercise, squat down to the lowest point every time when the two hit it with both hands palm, stand up, and then do a squat clap.Can do once 10-15."3.Squat back to back: "If it is not particularly small children, for example, about 10 years old, we are back to back with the parents of two people, while squatting.Both a double synergy, there is a parent-child interaction in the inside."4.Blowing, top balloon: "We are really special advocate is blowing balloons.If the family has a balloon, then, can parents or blow up a balloon, which itself is a pulmonary function training.Then extend back further, parents or can top balloon, have fun, dynamic and up."Mother and Daughter common Fitness.Wang Huan courtesy childrens sports experts also said that if the child is younger, you can do some tumbling, climbing, single simple movement of your feet jumping, both to meet the dynamic nature of a childs love, but also played the role of exercise.At the same time, Wang Huan also specifically asked a number of parent-child interactive exercise is extremely consistent with home exercise this topic.And when it comes to this topic, Zhang Li also revealed his "private Cheats": "because the family has children, would induce them to participate in sports, such as sports stairs."As to the specific method, he, for example, you can use a medium height stool, then exercise up and down repeatedly.You can start the slow-paced beginning, there was a man leaning on a stool, and then at the same time the number of 1234,2234 and other beats.By accelerating the pace of upgrading constantly challenge, through this process to achieve the role of cardiopulmonary exercise."We find it interesting, and there are dozens of times up and down, the effect of exercise on the heart and lung function is still very evident.We are the home of the movement of the child.Wang Huan Huan Wang also talked about courtesy, in fact, have more time at home is not a bad thing."This is a good parent-child interaction opportunities before we found among many parents with children, encountered many problems in the process of growing, but very few networking opportunities.This is an opportunity once hard to come by, you can take advantage of exchange."Exercise is also a good opportunity for home parent-child interaction, motion picture shows children and parents together.Wang Huan courtesy word, they say different areas of research, the experts agreed to answer questions about topics have focused on natural.The key "law of life is to deal with the epidemic of self-preservation: Zhang Li - but outside of these theories and methods, their recommendations also have a certain commonality.Natural law also includes a state of mind of calm and cool in it."Yan Qi:" peace of mind, the law of life, science and sports."Wang Huan:" parent-child interaction, adhere to the movement, which also is an opportunity for parents and children both physically and mentally between good."