植物护理 2020-02-28 09:08:03

  Putin: Russia should occupy a leading position in the high-tech technology to ensure sovereignty Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia should occupy a world leader in the field of high-tech development 5G, so as to ensure that the sovereign state of technology.Russian media reported on the 10th, the same day the Russian government signed a relevant agreement with the Russian National Technology Group, the Russian telecommunications companies and other large companies to jointly promote the development of the Russian 5G.Russian media quoted Putin as saying that Russias high-tech fields will determine the future of the global economy, companies can look forward to the Russian side the lead in the field of personnel and technology.Russias goal is to win a world leader in high-tech fields, in order to safeguard the sovereignty of the Russian technology and take a favorable position in the future emerging markets.Russian Deputy Prime Minister Akimov said at a signing ceremony, 5G network will protect the Russian economy, information security and technology play a key role in the promotion of joint efforts of the Russian 5G networks need to telecom operators and interested parties.