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  Shenzhen 15 entrance "school bully" apply what universities and professional? Shenzhen 15 entrance "school bully" apply what universities and professional?Shenzhen Middle School entrance examination results "masked" high score often good students and high school teacher Yu Zhong Wei Tao exchange direction of voluntary reporting.Nanfang Daily reporter Zhu Hongbo taken college entrance examination this year, Shenzhen has 15 test scores are masked, of which seven science, liberal arts 8 people, which means they enter the provinces top 50 liberal arts college entrance examination.At present, Guangdong College Entrance Examination is over, taking the work in progress.These Shenzhen "learning Pa" to apply what universities and professional concern.Reporters learned that apply in schools, Tsinghua University, Peking University, more by the "school bully" who favor, 15 people, 8 people choose to Tsinghua University, Peking University, three people choose; and in a professional respect science "learning Pa "I prefer computer class, liberal arts learning Pa are more inclined to favor economics class.Computer class, economics majors are popular candidates interviewed to collect information from the point of view, 7 science students, without exception, have opted for a high score, Tsinghua University, and there are three categories of people choose computer.Students explained that the categories covered by Tsinghua Universitys computer science and computer technology, software engineering, network security space three disciplines, relevant departments including the Department of Computer Science and Technology, School of Software and Interdisciplinary Information Sciences.Enrollment by and large about the end of the semester then determine the classification of professional.8 candidates in liberal arts high schools focused on four universities, namely Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Peking University and 3 of those candidates, Shenzhen Foreign Language School edges Mei-lin, had Jing Hui has walked through foreign language exam, successfully admitted to Beijing University.Pa liberal arts school in terms of selected professional, more popular economics class, students have three options, accounting for nearly forty percent.University of selected priority or priorities selected professional, some of the high school bully who will face such problems.For example, Baoan Senior High School Suyi Dan thrown to Peking University received a "ball", but considering that they want to learn economics major at the university too "hot", so she follow the "professional first, followed by the school" to select the final candidates professional Economics of Renmin University of China."High economic platform of the National Peoples Congress, the follow-up of graduate teachers is also very good, more conducive to the childs development."Dad said Su.And Suyi Dan make a similar choice as well as Shenzhen Experimental School of Ye Ziqi.After and Tsinghua University, Beijing University of communication, Ye Ziqi found that if you choose these two universities, a large probability can only be enrolled as a student minority languages, missed her favorite professional economics, so she chose the School of Economics.To make such a choice, Ye Ziqi said, first, because I like the city of Shanghai, Shanghai is the countrys economic and financial center, easily finding employment after graduation; and second, she is also very fond of Fudan University.Interest is the most important score of students apply for one of the bases, said the choice of profession, the interest in an important position, rather than just consider popular or good job.Shenzhen Middle School practice Wenzhuo told reporters, chose Tsinghua University, clinical medicine, is in Beijing to attend because he had a closed training camp back to the dark young man had a serious illness.And learn too nervous during the college entrance examination, he was also worried that they will get sick "because of the unhealthy state of deep feeling, so I hope to study medicine, let themselves, their families and the people around, can get rid of pain, it can also produce very social major contribution to better realize their own value."In addition, intense medical studies, but also make him more fulfilling in college.Because I like law, also believe that the rule of law can make society more orderly, Shenzhen Middle School good rain often applied for the Renmin University of China law major, "Although the employment pressure, but better reflect the value of good, Encouraging me more in learning specialized, more refined."Although there are relatives, friends recommended Hongling Middle School Liu Yujia select the relevant financial professional, but it is usually because Liu Yujia interested in classical Chinese literature, also found that in recent years the national heritage of Chinese traditional culture and develop more and more attention, combined with your score and the actual situation, she finally applied for Peking University.Shenzhen High School Shi Peng Yi love practical, strong application expertise, especially in engineering want to read, so she chose to apply for the Electronic Information, Tsinghua University, "Electronic Information training course contains a wealth of content, the use of wide caliber training to students, I help to improve the ability of many."Similarly Wu Jialin from Shenzhen High School said that the choice of Tsinghua University humanities and social science majors is her interest," study co-exist with social professional features great for me, but also shortcomings in this area of the country is more obvious."Many people have also been planning for the future university studies and planning students study a lot of high scores on college and even the future.Shenzhen Foreign Languages School and Lin Hui Jing US side had already walked through the foreign language exam, were professional Peking Arabic, English professional admission.Side Mei-lin said that he had never touched Arabic, choose a small professional language, it means the university will start from scratch.In addition to specialized courses to learn, she is also prepared to combine her academic strengths mathematics, studying a double degree in business, to prepare for future work in the direction of economic and trade.Jing Hui hope to Literature in English language development direction, "I prefer to speak English as a window or a springboard, rather than the means of livelihood.After entering college, my initial idea was to learn the art of studying a double degree ".To lay the first foundation in economics during Suyi Dan Baoan Senior High School is going to university, while a degree in Chinese will be alike, and then further financial or fiscal direction graduate studies.Shenzhen Middle School of Zhu Jian Zhang admitted, wanted to be a future researchers, contribute to the country, so he enrolled in Mathematics, Tsinghua University."Participation in information, intelligence era, the computer is becoming increasingly important in all areas, the development of multi-direction."Similarly Yao Wentao from Shenzhen Middle School, said interest in learning the contents of the computer theory and the combination of events, so enroll in the computer category Tsinghua University.After he looked forward to future academic success can return to work in Shenzhen.Sun Ying Liu Yue Tang Xiaoyan Su Guorui Asia Benji [7] Shenzhen Middle School science practiced clinical medicine class Wenzhuo Tsinghua University Department of Computer Shenzhen Middle School Zeng Yu Yao Wentao categories of Shenzhen Middle School, Tsinghua University Computer categories Zhu Jian Zhang of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen Middle School Mathematics Shenzhen Foreign Languages school Zhengruo Qi Department of computer electronic information High school categories Shenzhen Shi Peng Yi Wu Ziqi High school at Shenzhen, Tsinghua Tsinghua economics, Finance and management [8] Shenzhen liberal arts school often good rain bear World super Fudan University school of Law Shenzhen Middle school, Renmin University of China, Shenzhen economic Foreign Language school Mei-lin side Peking University Shenzhen Foreign Languages school Arabic English experimental school in Shenzhen Jing Hui Ye Ziqi Peking University, Fudan University, Tsinghua University school of economics Wu Jialin Shenzhen High school of Humanities and Social Science Hongling Middle school Liu Yujia Peking Chinese middle school Suyi Dan China Baoan Renmin University of Economics