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  41 or recessive mutant gene initiator autism 41 recessive mutant gene or trigger autism Wang Yanhong a large-scale international study found that the mutation caused by a recessive gene case of autism is more common than people originally thought, there may be 3% to 5% of cases related to this.Boston Childrens Hospital and other institutions researchers recently in the British journal "Nature Genetics" published an article introduced them to 2343 autism from the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, as well as the control group for the study of ordinary people 5852, analyzed these people "all exons group" data, i.e. all the DNA sequence of the gene encoding a protein.It was found that there are 41 genes recessive mutations cause autism, wherein from 33 previously undiscovered genes in autism.Mutations in these genes fall into two categories, one is led to the loss of gene function mutations, estimated to account for 2% of all cases; and the other mutation leads to an amino acid protein error, known as the "missense mutation", accounting for all 1% to 3% of cases.The researchers say that this is by far the most in-depth study of recessive mutations linked to autism.In the process of genetic recessive mutant gene, two copies of the same gene from their parents if only one is mutated version, they will not show it; when both copies are mutated version, will show the effect of mutations.Etiology of autism is very complex, involving many genes and environmental factors.Associated mutations previously found in the majority of mutations in the patients own newborn happen, not inherited from parents.